Anti-Aging/Optimal Wellness Therapies

Dr. Inouye’s anti-aging protocols include optimization of diet, exercise, supplemental support and aesthetics treatments including PRP Micropen facial, DermaRoller facial, PRP Cannulization and LipoDissolve.


Dr. Inouye optimizes wellness through these effective therapies.

Regenerative Joint Injection Therapies such as Prolotherapy, Prolozone, PRP and Stem Cell Therapy. Prolotherapy is an injection techniques for healing joint related injuries. It is particularly effective for chronic pain and reoccurring pain conditions. In many of these injuries the ligaments (that join bone to bone) or tendons (that join muscles to bone) become stretched or frayed. Prolotherapy injections is generally directed at the junction where the ligaments and tendons insert into the bone. These injections can re-stimulate the healing to the damaged or weakened tendons and ligaments thus rebuilding fibro-elasticity and restoring pain-free function.

Nutritional Supplementation is used to improve cardiovascular health, digestion, metabolic function, hormonal deficiencies, skin conditions, sleep, mental clarity, energy, concentration, mood, and memory. Dr. Inouye uses the superior quality of physician-grade products to support your body as you respond to the stresses of daily living. Our fast-paced lifestyle and polluted environment often require nutrition beyond what we can get in even the most health-promoting foods. Nutritional supplementation becomes necessary for good health. Supplements help supply the quality nutrients needed by cells within tissues, bones, and organs to function properly.

The nutritional needs of an individual depends on their genetics and their environment. You may need more of a specific nutrient than you realize to resolve current deficiencies and prevent future disease. Dr. Inouye is able to prescribe the correct dosage for you so that your intake of nutrients is balanced to the needs of your body and lifestyle.

Clinical Nutrition involves the intake and selection of foods, their amount and nutrient value, the way they are cooked, and the ability to digest and assimilate these nutrients for a healthy body. Clinical nutrition is tied to weight gain or loss, acidity and alkalinity of the body, cardiovascular health, sugar-related illnesses, and more. Dr. Inouye discusses with his patients the types and amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and water that would be beneficial for the patient’s condition. He then prescribes appropriate digestive enzymes and nutritional supplements that facilitate and replace the lack of nutrients in the patient’s diet.

Spinal Manipulation by Dr. Inouye utilizes a variety of techniques from his extensive experience in bodywork and manipulation, including Occipital Sacral Reflex Technique (OSRT). First, Dr. Inouye analyzes the structure of your body by examining the spinal alignment and/or x-rays, by observing how parts of your body function together, and by taking leg measurements. Then he diagnoses the underlying spinal, cranial or organ-related problems. Once he discovers the distortions in your body that cause stagnation, disease, and pain, he makes physical adjustments to restore alignment and balanced function. This releases nerve energy and fluid pressure thereby nourishing the muscles and related internal organs and relieving pain. Dr. Inouye effortlessly integrates a variety of therapeutic techniques including OSRT. These non-invasive manipulations occur with you comfortably positioned on a table.

Intravenous Vitamin & Mineral Therapy is used to supply high-levels of nutrients and supportive medicinals during times when the body is under unusual stress. Intravenous therapy can help you recovery more quickly from a simple cold or flu, or to support your body during a life threatening illness such as cancer.

Acupuncture/Acupressure are ancient techniques that regulate and restore the harmonious energy balance of the body. Specific points selected empirically from millenia of experience are stimulated to effect this balancing. These acupuncture points are based on the concept that Qi (Ki or Chi), life’s energy force, flows through the body along Meridians or pathways. Qi flows through these Meridians to influence muscles and all bodily systems. If the flow of Qi is stopped, excessive, or insufficient, pain and illness result. Acupuncture and acupressure normalize the flow of Qi (Ki or Chi) through these energy pathways so that body heals itself. Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles to stimulate points and thus remove blockage and restore health. Acupuncture is used for many common conditions, such as arthritis, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, back pain, sciatica, breathing problems, stress, headaches, and addictions. Acupressure, or Shiatsu, uses the same acupuncture points. The sites along Meridians are stimulated by finger pressure instead of needle insertion. Finger pressure is usually placed on points on the hand, forearm, elbow, knee, ankle and foot, but pressure can be applied to points on the ear and other body parts as well. Acupressure is effective for releasing tension, increasing circulation, reducing pain, and producing vibrant health. Acupressure relieves arthritis, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, sciatica, infertility, sinus and breathing problems. It also works as a preventative therapy and is a safe, effective complement to other healing methods.

Conventional Pharmaceuticals are prescribed when appropriate to support the body in its healing efforts.

Minor Surgery. Dr. Inouye performs minor surgery for a variety of skin conditions including moles, sebaceous cysts, lipomas, warts and toe nail removal.

Male hormone balancing. Conditions such as male menopause (andropause) are treated.  Although the tendency in the vast majority of cases is to prescribe hormones when balancing is necessary, Dr. Inouye feels that it is usually preferable to first attempt to optimize the body’s normal hormone production if at all possible prior to supplementing with outside sources of hormones. This allows the body to balance itself and can be accomplished with diet, nutraceuticals, exercise, botanical formulas and finally the use of “bio-identical” hormones when necessary. .

Preventative Medicine Preventative medicine’s aims are to keep the body healthy, strong, and filled with energy and vitality to fight off disease. As a teacher and doctor, Dr. Inouye uses the above methods to strengthen a patient’s immune system so resistance to illnesses can take place before physical symptoms occur. Dr. Inouye strongly believes that prevention is the key to continued good health and longevity.