Pain Management

Injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents, sports, and day-to-day activities are effectively treated by a variety of modalities such as traditional oriental therapeutic massage, acupuncture specially designed for pain management, manipulation, electric stimulation, Biomodulator, gua sha,  supplements for pain relief and also utilizes a diverse repertoire of unique injection protocols.

Pain is amongst the most common reasons for a doctor visit.  It is also the foremost cause of disability in the United States.  Dr. Inouye has successfully treated a vast number of patients in his 18 years of practice who previously had a history of acute and/or chronic pain; many of which had undergone a long regimen of unsuccessful treatments previously.

Dr. Inouye uses a variety of injections inclusive of prolotherapy, prolozone and Prp joint injections to stimulate growth in the damaged joints.  (See Testimonials)