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Chicken Pox YesNo
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Emphysema YesNo
Epilepsy YesNo
Glaucoma YesNo

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Herpes YesNo
High Blood Pressure YesNo
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Measles YesNo
Migraine Headaches YesNo
Mitral Valve Prolapse YesNo
Multiple Sclerosis YesNo
Mumps YesNo
Pacemaker YesNo
Pneumonia YesNo
Polio YesNo
Prostate Problems YesNo
Psychiatric Care YesNo
Respiratory disease YesNo
Rheumatic Fever YesNo
Scarlet Fever YesNo
Shortness of Breath YesNo
Sinus Trouble YesNo
Skin Rash YesNo
Stroke YesNo
Thyroid Problems YesNo
Tonsillitis YesNo
Tuberculosis YesNo
Ulcer YesNo
Venereal Disease YesNo
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