Seminars for Doctors

Dr. Vance Inouye (NMD) successfully treats patients managing complex pain conditions that are unable to find help using standard protocols. He helps patients recover from sports and work related injuries, overuse and motor vehicle trauma, and other pain conditions. His experience in this specialized area directed him to utilize treatments to also address secondary and tertiary aberrations so complex pain conditions could be managed. Dr. Inouye has developed a highly effective and comprehensive system for treating various pain patterns that will be presented in a workshop series that began in January 2016. Each participant will learn protocols and skills to identify pain conditions, perform qualitative and quantitative assessments and develop effective treatment plans to improve the quality of life for your patients.

“Bringing back Naturopathic traditions and principles in the management of pain.”

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants upon completion of each module with the appropriate CME credits.
Course materials and lunch will be provided for each module.