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Sarara Corva, Medical Marijuana Education Expert, has been active in alternative health and non-traditional healing modalities for many years. She has been involved in and gaining expertise in all aspects of the marijuana industry, with a passionate emphasis on marijuana as medicine, since 2010.

In 2011 she had breast cancer and through a variety of alternative healing modalities and competent holistic practitioners, she cured herself. She then became committed to sharing information with others interested in learning different ways to do the same. She founded a non-profit organization in 2011 called, iCANhealNOW Foundation, with the mission of assisting people to understand their healing choices. ?Sarara conducts holistic healing consultations, mainly with cancer patients, to support them in determining an integrative approach to their treatments. Sarara believes in and understands the curative powers of Cannabis as one of many options a patient might use for their healing. ?One of Sarara’s areas of interest is in Cannabis education. In 2012 she established CANNAhealNOW, which is devoted to educating people on the medicinal uses of Cannabis. She provides private consultations to individuals, public education seminars called “Cannabis 101” for patients and potential patients, and high level CME medical conferences for professionals.

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