Greetings Dr. Inouye:

I had the pleasure of meeting you in November during the week that I celebrated my 80th birthday.  I had the great fortune of being treated by you that same week.

As you know I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and also work with various types of Bio-Energetic protocols.  I have always led a very physically active life having performed and taught all types of Dance; in fact performed with and directed a modern dance company here in Arizona. I am still active in dance.

I came to your office in the hope of gaining some relief for an extremely old right knee injury which I have lived with for most of my life.  In fact, it was a Ballet injury that I sustained when I was only 12 years old.  My knee was chronically very painful at times and in spite of acupuncture and many other treatments, it never really improved.  All that I could really do was to rest it from time to time.

You treated my knee with Prolotherapy and PRP injection therapy.  You informed me that I could very well experience some “achiness” for two or possibly three days following the treatment.  I only experienced a bit of stiffness the day of the treatment which disappeared by the following morning. To my great surprise and relief; I have not experienced any pain what so ever after the treatment which was well over a month ago!

I am most grateful for your services and I highly recommend your treatments to any and all that may have cartilage and joint injuries.

Sincerely yours – A.A.

Dear Dr. Inouye,

I want to thank you so much for your excellent care of both of my knees. I have multiple severe meniscus tears in both the right and left knees and because of your treatment with Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma shots my knee surgery has been canceled permanently!

Not only that, but my Orthopedic surgeon says all I need to do is to continue the shots as needed, exercise and he thinks it will take care of the long term situation andhe wants to refer you to some of his patients!

I cannot thank you enough for your expertise and knowledge in this situation I am very grateful.


Tempe, AZ

10955587_10205708121931571_4290501307098698302_nFeeling thankful. Rissa with Dr. Inouye

Please read! Dancers and athletes, especially. I know this is long, but has useful info. As most of you know, Rissa has struggled with an ankle injury for the past 4.5 months. The ligaments over her right ankle were over-stretched causing her ankle to be unstable..basically, it wobbled around because it had nothing keeping it in. The injury caused all the other ligaments, tendons, and muscles to try to take on the over-stretched ligament’s job to stabilize the ankle. For her, walking was no problem, but leaping, jumping, going on eleve and releve and dancing in pointe shoes was. Ignoring the pain, she could get through 1 class. If she tried to get through 2 classes, the ankle would be a swollen, bruised mess that throbbed with pain that couldn’t be relieved with ibuprofen and icing. For weeks in September, she tried to ice the ankle every night and heat it before dancing every day. It just got worse. When we went to the ortho, we were told she had to rest it and do physical therapy. The physical therapy helped to un-crunch her Achilles’ somewhat, but didn’t help anything else and didn’t allow her to dance. The doctor gave her a month to heal. At the end of a month, we would be looking at surgery on the over-stretched ligaments. It didn’t get better. We tried prolo therapy, which we were hoping would work. After 4 treatments, it hadn’t. For the last 4 months, Rissa hasn’t been able to dance much at all and hasn’t been able to do ballet. She tried to keep her spirits and progress up by taking notes in class, doing upper body movement only, envisioning, and strength training/conditioning. We went 2 months past the initial month time-frame given before surgery would seem to be the only alternative.

During Christmas break, Mark and I made one last-ditch effort upon the advice of Tokyo Kevin Inouye to visit Dr. Vance Inouye, N.M.D., in Phoenix, AZ, for 3 alternative therapies: Prolotherapy, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), and Ozone Therapy. As Rissa, my “Hunger Games” loving daughter, said after the last treatment, “My ankle looks like I’ve been stung by a bunch of Tracker Jackers!” And it did. This was 4 weeks ago.

Today, she had an appointment with her Orthopaedic, who is a talented M.D. in Baton Rouge. He gave us the news that in September, her right ankle was a 2 on a scale of 0-3 with 3 being the worst. Now her right ankle is a 0 to 1. He seemed happily surprised and told her to keep doing her at-home exercises, but no other therapy was needed. (Normally, over-stretched ligaments don’t get better without surgery.) Between her M.D. and especially her N.M.D. and everyone’s prayers (Thank you!), Rissa’s ankle is good to go, now.

Why did I tell you to read this? Because 1) we believe she over-stretched those ligaments over her ankle using her foot-stretcher (please be careful if you use one, don’t over-do it and make sure you follow the directions fully), 2) before doing surgery for ligaments/tendons and/or before deciding you just have to live with the pain because you can’t take time out, please look into alternative therapies, especially the three Rissa had – you DO have options!; pro athletes and dancers have used these therapies with success, but sometimes we don’t hear about them because they’re considered ‘alternative’ and aren’t covered by insurance; and 3) alternative therapies are only as good as the doctor/therapist you go to, so do your research and go to the best, even if you have to travel to see him. If you can make it to Phoenix, Dr. Vance Inouye is the best of the best. I am 100% certain, we would be making plans for surgery today, if not for him. Plus, besides being an amazing doctor who takes time to explain procedures thoroughly and give advice on maintaining a healthy body (esp. important for dancers!), he is also a wonderful, generous, kind-hearted, caring person.

B. C. (69 Year old female from Orange, CA.)

Approximately 9 months prior to me coming to your clinic I was told by a surgeon that my left foot will probably have to be amputated due to something called a HLA-B27 gene defect. My rheumatologist had me tested for the gene because my left ankle was unresponsive to many different therapies. Pain levels were always 9 out of 10 (10 being extremely high pain) especially in the morning. Due to a collapsed arch in my left foot, I was fitted with orthotic shoe insert which was to help reduce the pain…but it did not help much at all. Hearing about the “amputation” in the surgeon’s office, I cried and began to lose all hope of doing things that a retired person could possibly do.

Out of desperation I called a friend of mine in Arizona who works in medical research to see if he had any ideas about what I can do. Without hesitation, he suggested your clinic due to your many years experience in pain management plus some excellent unique therapies, such as Prolotherapy.

The decision to come visit you in your clinic was one of the best decisions I ever made. After one treatment, my pain levels dropped from a 9/10 to a 4. Immediately, I knew my foot would NOT have to be amputated which was miraculous, indeed. For many weeks it stayed at pain level 4, and never close to the original 9/10 pain levels. Recently I returned for a followup treatment to see if you can get the pain level down below 4 which would be phenomenal.

When I went back to California after the first treatment, I told people about your therapies. Many said they will try to schedule visiting your clinic when possible from different areas in California, for themselves or family members…not just from Orange County. May I extend my sincere appreciation.

D.N.  (Professional Canine Behaviorist and Trainer in Arizona/Hawaiian Islands)

I’ve been seeing Dr. Vance Inouye for over a dozen years, and chiropractors for nearly 35. I have never encountered a more proficient, knowledgeable, caring physician in any discipline, nor one with a better bedside manner and concern for his patients. Dr. Vance has called me back late at night, on his lunch hour and on weekends to keep me functional enough to serve my clients and their families as if he was part of my family or staff.

Perfect behavior. Perfect care. Not a complaint I can think of other than he doesn’t live with me. I’d be 2 inches shorter and a broken old man if it weren’t for him.

As a professional canine behaviorist and trainer, often being able to move and have the strength to control a large dog that’s trying to eat me is the difference between being able to work, or stand, or stop bleeding for the next day’s tasks. Even when I’ve been slow on the mark and gotten twisted up, Dr. Inouye has had me back on the field in no time.

I could go on forever. If you want to be out of pain, have peace of mind and understand what’s happening to your torn up body, you couldn’t find a better practitioner or human being to care for you.

Highest possible recommendation.

Mahalo Sifu!!!

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth Fame Talks About His Arm Injury.  2001

“In December of 2001 I was at the La Hacienda Rehabilitation Center in Hunt, Texas. This happened because after the towers were hit, (besides all the other stuff going on at the time internally with MEGADETH) I numbed out, like most of us did. After five years of being sober, I started using pain medication. Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/dave-mustaine-talks-about-his-arm-injury

T.M.(Canine and Equine Trainer/Groomer, Pain Management/Aesthetics Patient)

I am a very active 53 y.o. dog and horse groomer and trainer. I first consulted Dr. Inouye in the Spring of 2008 after fracturing my wrist due to a horseback riding injury. After surgery, my wrist was frozen as my orthopedic surgeon failed to put me into physical therapy after my surgery and the removal of the cast. I had consulted with another specialist who consulted with and worked with Dr. Inouye to bring me up to my preinjury status.

Since then, I have consulted with Dr. Inouye for several injuries I sustained in my archery, horseback riding, martial arts and dancing hobbies. My injuries included a muscles, compressed disc in my low back, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and ligamentous laxity in my wrists. My therapies included Prolotherapy, PRP injections, deep tissue massage, supplements, electric stimulation, physical therapy and deep tissue work. I was usually treated with two or more therapies during these treatments. In each case, Dr. Inouye resolved my issues professionally and expertly.

Additionally, I recently realized that with my advancing age, I was noticing an increasing fat and loosening of the skin under my chin and roughness and sagging of the skin on my neck. Dr. Inouye performed a procedure called lipodissolve on my chin and collagen induction injections on my neck area and stimulated a youthful tightening of the skin and fat reduction under my chin and softening and tightening of the skin on my neck of which I am very happy!

I am in great appreciation of his extraordinary skill in dealing with all my health challenges, his patience and kindness.

Chris W. (Power Lineman)

My name is Chris W. from Hesperia California. I am currently 31 years old and full time employed with Edison Electric Utility in California as a high voltage power lineman. Approximately three years ago, I was driving home in the middle of the night from work after a long shift, fell asleep, and crashed into a semi on the side of the road. In the emergency room, right arm movement was minimal and lost virtually all strength. As time went on, arm movement lessened and became weaker. A neurologist in my hometown indicated that I permanently lost neural use of the area. Since my job requires me to climb power line poles, perform overhead and underground jobs, my life as a lineman would be over.

I heard about Dr. Inouye in California, so set up an appointment with him. After three injection treatments and proper rehabilitation routines, I gained most of my strength back and regained virtually all of my arm motion. Now after three years, I am happy to say that my strength is almost the same as it was before the accident and been fully employed for the entire time.

Because of Dr. Inouye’s treatments for me, I suggested other linemen in California to get help, and they went all the way to Arizona for miraculous help from Dr. Inouye

My Naturopathic Journey

My name is Peter; I contracted Valley Fever several years ago and sustained lung damage during the process. Since then my respiratory system and cardio vascular recovery were compromised and I was not able to do simple things like walking up a flight of stairs without needing to stop and catch my breath. My condition worsened during the years and I found myself taking over 7 different types of asthma related anti-fungal medication to help restore a normal breathing condition.

I had a friend that was telling me how wonderful his naturopathic doctor was and how the treatments and diagnosis improved his condition dramatically. Since I did not know much about non-conventional medicine or what value a naturopathic treatment could do for me it took me several years to consider seeing a naturopathic doctor.

About 7 months ago my condition worsened and I was considering checking myself into the hospital. At that moment I had a premonition that I should consider what my friend has been telling me for years and see a naturopathic doctor before admitting myself into the hospital. At this time I was referred to Doctor Inouye; at my initial consultation I was still hesitant and uneducated on what I could gain from a naturopathic treatment. I decide that things could not get worse and I should trust the doctor and his recommendations. Doctor Inouye suggested that I pursue “Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation’ treatment until my condition improves. After the first two treatments I saw a large improvement in my respiratory functions. Since then I continue to see Doctor Inouye on a titrated schedule; my 7 medications that I had been taking for the last 4 years has been reduced to 3 Asthma prescribed medications and I take them once or twice a day.

This experience has been great for me and my family and as I continue to see Doctor Inouye our plan is to maybe someday eliminate my medications and or reduce the dosage to a “take as needed”.

Thank you Doctor for all your help,


L.K.  (Director of Sales Support, General Medical/Aesthetics Patient) Patient since 2002

“After nine months of “conventional” doctoring (pain pills, CAT scans, MRI’s) for an injured left shoulder, I was offered surgery as my final solution; even though the medical doctors never actually determined what the problem was. At this time (with my arm in a sling) I enrolled in a class taught by Dr. Inouye and quickly decided that I needed to consider “alternative” treatment. With his expertise, I was completely pain-free in less than a month and without ever seeing the inside of an operating room. Since that time, he has balanced my hormones, helped me overcome stress related problems, gotten me on a workable weight-loss program and has just completed treatment on my right elbow for tendonitis caused by repetitive movement, and low back pain.  I’ve always appreciated very much his willingness to work with my specialists whenever necessary. Additionally, he has helped me discontinue use of pharmaceutical drugs as well.  I would never have believed that such remarkable results were possible prior to seeing him.
During the last year, I consulted and treated with him for PRP Micropen treatment for collagen induction on my face and neck. I also had performed the natural filler also called PRP cannulization for wrinkles as well. For arms and abdomen, I had lipodissolve done. I am excited to say that the results exceeded my expectations. All procedures worked extremely well with very natural looking results. I feel better and have more energy than I had experienced in the twenty years prior to meeting him. For this I am forever grateful to Dr. Vance Inouye. “

Dr. P.Z., PhD (Educator), Patient Since 2005

“I credit Dr. Inouye with saving my life. I was having severe trouble with my asthma and nothing I was doing was helping. Amongst his many recommendations, he also suggested my having a salivary test performed which revealed that my adrenals were severely depleted. His protocols brought me back to health and my usual high energy level. I am very grateful!

I have also seen Dr. Inouye for other issues, particularly knee problems/torn menisci. My first prolotherapy shots lasted eight years. I have returned for PRP/ozone/prolotherapy these many years later because a surgeon had previously suggested knee replacement that I will not have. This new series of therapy will buy me many more years without surgery and maybe by then, there will be biological replication of my own knee! I am so grateful to Dr. Inouye for allowing me to ask a million questions and for his answering them. He is a rare kind of doctor and truly a treasure.”

J.S. (IT Professional)

“My thyroid was irradiated many years ago. After having no success taking the synthetic thyroid replacement Synthroid, I switched to Armour Thyroid because it was a natural replacement. Armour worked great, right up when it was removed from the US market and unable to be purchased anymore.Forced to go back on Synthroid, I had no energy, weight gain, and my body crashed on the weekends causing the need for more and more sleep. Oh, did I mention the mood swings, anxiety, and fatigue that made it difficult to function in my day to day activities. Daily afternoon naps became a necessity and left no time in the day for a normal life. I even started having high blood pressure spikes, which of course worried me and caused me even more stress.I was blessed to be referred to Dr. Vance Inouye. Within minutes of our initial phone conversation, he recognized my symptoms and assured me that he could get me healthy again. After having my first in person consultation and filling out the Hormone Balancing Questionnaire, he confirmed what he had thought from our previous conversation; adrenal dysfunction.

Dr. Inouye immediately started me on a different eating plan along with his recommended supplements and nutrients. Once the ASI test results were received, they too confirm adrenal fatigue. My cortisol levels matched my up and down energy levels. Awake very early, then by 10am I would have some energy for about two hours, then it was down hill for the rest of the day until crashing when I got home and not wanting anything but sleep. Dr. Inouye advised me that it could takes 1-2 years to get my adrenals completely healthy again because they didn’t get this way over night. Although that might sound discouraging to some, to me it was a light at the end of a very long tunnel that gave me hope.

Now here I am, a full year under the care of Dr. Inouye. After following his instruction and advice, the results have been incredible. I now have my energy levels almost back to normal and have even lost 20 lbs.

If you take your health seriously, Dr. Inouye is the doctor for you. While he helps heal you, he also teaches you so you can better understand and know what your body is telling you. This understanding along with making the necessary adjustments, you are on your way to the ultimate in living and feeling healthy!”

B. (Dance Instructor/Performer)

photo-bridgette-maria“I wanted to let everyone know how much Dr. Vance Inouye has helped me. I lost weight and got my body back…the way… it looked before I gained weight from a medication.Years ago I gained 35 pounds. No matter what I tried, I could not take off the weight; and I was so frustrated.By trade, I am a Dance Instructor/Performer. Having a healthy physique is very important in my line of work.Dr. Vance Inouye spoke to me of a weight loss program that could help me shed the pounds and feel better. I started on his plan; and in what seemed to me to be no time at all, I was lost weight I previously couldn’t lose before.In the past, I tried so many ineffective programs, but none of the programs worked for my body. Now, thanks to Dr. Inouye’s health protocol and weight loss system, I have a healthy body again.

I am so happy, and I feel great! Every day, I thank God I listened to Dr. Inouye. He helped me regain my healthy physique and restored my life as a dancer.

Thank You, Vance”

S.J. (Entrepreneur: Software Consultant and Voice Talent)

photo-scott-jeffery“Years ago, I found myself suddenly feeling exhausted and unable to function properly on a day to day basis. At first, I assumed that I was simply overworking myself with work, volunteering, and family. However, as time went on, I found that even some of the simplest of tasks seemed difficult to focus on mentally for a long time, and I would suddenly feel as if I needed a nap. I discounted it as nothing. After all, I appeared healthy and fit. I ate properly and exercised every day; and I was young.About a month later, while in a staff meeting, I started to notice that my fingers, toes, and nose were all kind of cold. After a few minutes, I grew dizzy and broke out in a sweat; and eventually, I had to lie down until the dizziness subsided. Over the course of the next few weeks, the vertigo continued and the fatigue increased. My general practitioner and specialists to whom he referred me couldn’t figure out the symptoms and test after test verified that my hormone levels were right in the normal range and that I had no masses or obvious maladies to explain my symptoms. Yet, my symptoms persisted and worsened.Shortly thereafter, while working out, my entire back seized up; and I was in such terrible pain that I was unable to walk to my car. Tests, X-rays, and examinations only revealed some minor disc bulging but no reason for being unable to stand upright and walk for more than a week and certainly no further explanations came to help understand the source of all the other symptoms.When the lack of functionality and the pain became too frequent and unbearable, I sought out help outside of the standard Western Practice. Dr. Inouye and his assistant spent hours with me questioning me at intake and had me complete a wellness questionnaire to discover the source of my symptoms. After reviewing my case, Doctor Inouye conducted some additional salivary testing to determine my hormone production at different times of the night and day and ordered blood work to confirm his findings. He started me on a protocol of spinal adjustment, supplements, and a digestive aid to help me get better nutrition.Within months, my energy levels were climbing well above normal; and now, I’m a strong, productive, and focused man!”

C.C. (Retired Administrative Assistant) Patient since 1998

“Prior to consulting with Dr. Inouye, I had seen conventional several conventional doctors for a variety of conditions. After much testing, was diagnosed with RA, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. During those years I was chronically depressed, fatigued, and in extreme pain. The doctors placed me on several drugs that soon began to cause numerous side effects. That’s when I decided to seek alternative care.

After consulting with Dr. Inouye, he put me on a nutritional & herbal supplementation and exercise plan, without the need for multiple medications and the side effects. Dr. Inouye also put me on a special diet designed for my conditions. I began to see improvements in my conditions with little or no symptoms.

I found Dr. Inouye to be a kind, caring, and compassionate person, totally dedicated to finding the root of the problem. While the other doctors that I had seen saw me for a few minutes, and attempted to mask the symptoms with drugs and never getting rid of the problems, thanks to Dr. Inouye I began to have a happier, healthier, and more vibrant life.
In 2012, I was involved in a car accident. After consulting with and being treated by several specialists for several months, for nerve damage to the left side on my neck, left shoulder and left elbow, I consulted once again with Dr.  Inouye.  His  treatment plans included trigger point injections, deep tissue massage, manipulation, prolotherapy, ozone therapy and acupuncture with a far infrared lamp to all my painful areas. He also prescribed physical therapy, and exercises. His accurate trigger point injections, prolotherapy, ozone therapy and other therapy protocols have offered me more relief than with the specialists that I had been treated by. Prior to seeing Dr. Inouye my pain level was 10/10.  I was also depressed due to the constant pain.

With Dr. Inouye’s encouragement, close monitoring, and continued treatments, my pain levels have significantly been reduced and my day looks brighter.  I look forward to a happier, healthier, and increasingly productive life. Without his medical advice, I would still be very depressed, fatigued and in extreme pain.

I cannot thank you enough for your expert advice and support. I know I am in good hands under your medical care.”


T.H. (Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist)

photo-teresa-hallum“I am a 39 year old extremely active female. My diet and workout regime is and has always been my top priority. Last May, for unknown reasons, I suddenly, figuratively, hit the wall. I found myself needing much more sleep and having much less stamina than usual. I would push myself to do my 6 – 8 mile runs and my 30 – 40 mile cycling thinking that my fatigued condition would eventually pass, only to find that I needed 2 – 3 days to recover from my workouts.I was in what seemed like a never ending downward spiral and went to visit many doctors who would perform various tests that never turned up anything abnormal. I was continually told that everything was OK and that I was in good health. I knew, however, that I wasn’t. I needed someone to listen me. I then thought of Dr. Inouye with whom I had worked with about 9 months prior until my yoga and massage business took me in another direction.I was so desperate that one day I broke down and contacted him at home to ask if he would help me. Being the wonderful soul that he is, he unhesitatingly agreed.Only two weeks later, I began to notice a huge improvement. Four weeks into Dr. Inouye’s prescribed program, I began to feel my stamina return, my head felt clear again and my social life was alive again. It was a very far cry from barely being able to get through my workday.My whole life has turned around since then. I don’t know that I can express on paper how much it means to me to experience the revived aliveness in my life. I owe it all to the man that I placed my complete trust in. My deepest gratitude and appreciation goes to Dr. Inouye. He took the time to listen.”

Rev. G. Y. (Spiritual Advisor)

photo-geriDear Dr. Inouye,When I came to you in March of 2003, I was exasperated. I have suffered with fibromyalgia and fatigue among other maladies since childhood. I have “been there, done that” when it comes to methods of relief and recovery for these conditions.It was not until I had an intelligent, informed conversation with you that I finally realized how uncomplicated it is to simply surrender to what is and move through it; knowing, with confidence, that I am empowered to do something about it, which I have.I have lost twenty-five pounds in 10 weeks! I sleep and breathe better, I am thinking more clearly and most importantly, I am inspired to raise the bar in all that I do. As I go through each day, your influence resonates within my well-being. I thank you!

D. L. (Yaqui Healer)

photo-yaquiIt has been quite an honor to meet and learn from such a progressive healer as Dr. Inouye. It is wonderful and encouraging to meet such an authentic teacher/student. His enthusiasm is evident in his teachings, his Dojo, and his generous spirit. In all of us there is a voice that is not bound by the ordinary or the normal. This voice can guide us to our destiny. Heaven and Earth Institute is a place where one can “attune” to this inner voice. The energy and guidance one receives here can allow us to reconnect to the whole of our being. This in turn will allow us to go to places we have only dreamed of. Whether it’s through Tenchi, dance, music, nature, ritual, or learning the mysteries of the desert, it is essential that we become the warriors of the spirit that we were intended to be.

B. K. (Psychiatrist, MD)

photo-brian“I was first introduced to Dr. Inouye when began to study the martial arts. I quickly learned that he knew more about health and wellness than most health “experts”. I say that because I have worked as a Master Fitness Trainer in the military, I was on the Army Triathlon team and I have worked with biochemists and dietitians to optimize one’s diet.After speaking with Dr. Inouye about my diet and exercise routine, he put together a plan for me that provided results I had not been able to achieve before. My LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides dropped and my HDL (good) cholesterol increased. I put on over 10 pounds of muscle and kept a lean fat mass.At one extreme you have an MD that scoffs at anything considered “complement arty and alternative” treatments. This is someone who has been extensively educated and trained in evidence based medicine. The “gold standard” in this system of medical research is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.At the other extreme you can have someone that has not been formally educated or trained at an accredited institution of higher learning, does not utilize evidence=based medicine, uses “magic” lotions, potions, crystals and herbs and thinks that mainstream medicine inclusive of surgery and pharmaceuticals is evil.There is always a little bit of truth in both extremes, whether you are talking healthcare, politics or finances. A good physician is knowledgeable about both ends of the healthcare spectrum and has first-hand experience to integrate the best of both worlds. Additionally, he/she will utilize the best resources that technology has to offer as well as to tap into the wisdom of ancient healing systems the world over. This is where Dr. Inouye enters.I am impressed with how much Dr. Inouye understands about clinical nutrition and biochemistry, more so than any MD or DO is aware of. He has the knowledge and tools to help a peak performer go to the next level or someone that has hit an impasse in their baseline health and well-being. As a medical student at a conventional medical school in Chicago, I know that most physicians are trained to alleviate acute symptoms rather than to treat the whole person; the body, mind and spirit. Dr. Inouye has the training, knowledge and insight to help you to achieve an increased level of health wherever the individual is in the spectrum of health. He takes a balanced approach to one’s health care, never hesitating to work jointly with an MD, DO, DC, etc.

I hope that be able to work with Dr. Inouye in the future once I am in practice as I know my future patients will greatly benefit by what Dr. Inouye can offer.”